Long o Vowel Pack {Free Printable}

Feb 4, 2022 - I created a Short o / Long o Vowel Pack for ALuv (end of Kindergarten) with similar activities like in our Short a / Long a Vowel Pack and Short i / Long i Vowel Pack. Today, I'm sharing it for FREE {download link at the end of this post}. *This post contains affiliate links. ... Read More about Long o Vowel Pack {Free…

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Get the best tips and tricks for teaching the long o sound, along with my free long o words list pdf download.

Worksheets Click here to download all Letter O Worksheets (...)

Long vowel sound spelling patterns are quite difficult for students to learn. First they must understand that more than one letter can be used to represent one sound and then learn the various ways that the sound can be represented in print. For example, there are 4 common ways the sound /a/ can be spelled: […]

Free Long Vowel Spelling Word Lists Download! Word lists are often helpful to have on hand when teaching a targeted phonics skill.

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Silent E words with Long o worksheets for kids

When teaching a phonics skill it's often helpful to use a key word and picture to help the students remember the sound to the letter combinations. For the oa/ow/oe phonics bundle, my fabulous artist created these “bubble” themed borders and game boards and they turned out absolutely adorable! I just love them! This phonics bundle contains […]

Worksheets: Silent "e": Just Add "e"

Review the long o sound and practice reading long o words with your first grader with help from this phonics worksheet.

Winter is just around the corner and I have been working hard on our Winter Math and Literacy Packet for Kindergarten ! I am happy to say t...

Words with -ow- word family online worksheet for Grade 1. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.

Alternative spellings of -oa- sound online activity for GRADES 1 AND 2. You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf.

These free Printable Digraph and CVCe Activities are perfect for practice with identifying digraph sounds and reading long vowel words!

Learn about the eight ways to spell the long a sound to help you understand and teach long a, and download my free long a words list.

My students are loving our CVC centers and are truly becoming great readers and writers. They love the interactive, hands-on activities they get to use during center time. It really makes me one happy teacher! {I have to tell you this really quick, sweet story! So I told my students a few weeks ago that I actually […]

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